When the Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

‘Fruits and vegetables are good for you’ is probably one of the sentences all of us have heard before, probably during childhood years. While this remains to be mainly true, there are some fruits and vegetables that could possibly do more harm than good when we eat too much of them.

There are many people choosing to eat mainly fruits and vegetables to lose weight; while there are some that ensure to include fruits and veggies to their diet to stay healthy.

No, healthy foods are not limited exclusively to fruits and vegetables. For example, milk and eggs can be great sources of protein, just like meats.

However, as the saying goes, “You can never have too much of a good thing.” This is true in terms of eating excessive amounts of veggies and fruits as well.

When it comes to consumption of fruits and vegetables, it is important to keep in mind that no matter how healthy they are supposed to be, these foods still have calories which could turn to unwanted body fats if not burned fast enough. Therefore, if your reason for eating solely fruits and vegetables is to shed some weight, keep an eye on the amount of fruits or vegetables you eat in order to avoid weight gain.

One of the fruits with high calorie content is avocado. A slice of avocado can have as much as 235 calories. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to steer clear of this fruit – or, just be careful of the amount of avocados you eat, particularly because avocados have a high fat content. It’s not that avocados have nothing good to offer, though; this fruit has properties that could help decrease cholesterol levels.

If you’re a huge fan of dried fruits as compared to fresh fruits, you may have to rethink your choices, too. Some dried fruits receive additives or artificial flavourings upon the drying process; not to mention, some even lose their natural vitamins because of the processing they go through. Consequently, if you want the healthier choice, fresh is still best.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes also have high calories so make sure that you consume them in moderation. Remember that the way you prepare your potatoes will also affect the fat you can get from them. For an instance, if you prefer to fry your potatoes, of course the oil you use to fry it with would affect its fat content.

Another potentially healthy food that could be unhealthy if taken too much is red wine. Red wine could be a source of good cholesterol which is good for your heart. However, you should bear in mind that red wine, is still, well – wine. If taken too much, alcohol dependence and other unpleasant effects may be encountered.

I’m sure many of us (who are trying to lose weight or wanting to be healthier) are enticed more by food products with labels such as ‘low fat’ or ‘less fat’, thinking that it is the better choice. This is not the same for reduced fat peanut butter, though. The natural fats that peanuts have are actually healthy – as a result, removing this good fat would not do anything good. If you want the healthier option, choose the regular peanut butter. You can just lessen the amount you consume instead of replacing it with the reduced fat alternative.

A little research, a lot of moderation, and a ton of carefulness will go a long way in maintaining a healthy life. Doing everything in moderation – eating healthy foods included – is crucial.

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